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Bradfield Senior College Professional Learning Day

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to present our workshop "ADHD in the Classroom: Why a cookie cutter approach does not work". In this workshop, teaching staff had the opportunity to explore how ADHD presents differently in each student, and that by empowering them through exploring their unique strengths, students can become equipped to take ownership of their ADHD and enhance their learning.

Relaunch Your Career Podcast

I was honoured to speak to Leah from Relaunch Me, about ‘Choosing a career with ADHD’.

In this interview, we talk to Leah about how we assist clients with an ADHD diagnosis to identify and utilise their signature strengths to thrive both in education and in the workplace.

In this interview, we discuss the following:

  • Caroline’s career journey and some of the career changes that she has had along the way
  • What an ADHD coach does and the types of clients that she works with
  • What are some of the typical challenges that someone with ADHD may encounter in an educational setting and the workplace?
  • How individuals diagnosed with ADHD can learn how to play to their unique strengths
  • How employers can ensure that their workplace environment is neuro-affirming.

Listen here