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Advocating for individuals impacted by ADHD and empowering them to THRIVE.

By providing personalised guidance and support, I hope to empower individuals to navigate challenges, optimise their functioning, and achieve their full potential.

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ADHD Coaching for every stage of your personal journey

Learn more about the uniquely wired ADHD brain and discover tools expertly designed to help you manage day to day life with more calm, less chaos and more success.

Coaching is a partnership between the coach and client. It facilitates the development of self-awareness and introduces specific tolls and skills necessary to fulfil the client’s potential whilst navigating the realities of living with ADHD.

1:1  ADHD Coaching

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"ADHD coaching has helped me feel motivated to focus on personal goals. Caroline makes me feel understood and she creates a supportive and creative environment. I have never looked at trying to work with my brain in this way but I have found it to be helpful and 10/10 recommend"

Juliette, Coaching client

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Hi, I'm Caroline.

After my eldest son was diagnosed with ADHD in 2019, I wanted to learn more about his unique brain wiring so I could support him, help him live with less chaos and set him up for a life of success. I enrolled in the ADD Coach Academy (ADDCA) in New York which is where my fascination around the ADHD wired brain started to grow. Now, I work with individuals, families and students who want to take control of their executive function challenges and start shaping their potential.

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