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ADHD Group Coaching

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ADHD Group Coaching

I offer ADHD group coaching sessions that provide a collaborative and supportive approach, bringing together individuals who face similar challenges related to ADHD. These sessions aim to recognise the value of shared experiences, mutual support, and collective learning.

Participating in one of my coaching groups can offer individuals with ADHD a supportive community where they can gain valuable insights and develop strategies to navigate the unique challenges associated with ADHD.

These small group coaching sessions are not only cost-effective but also provide the benefits of working with an experienced coach alongside a supportive community, peer support, and accountability. Each group is formed around a theme or common interest. During each coaching session, group members bring their unique experiences and questions for discussion based on the theme.

By joining these group coaching sessions, individuals with ADHD and their families can benefit from the power of shared experiences, mutual support, and collective learning in a supportive and understanding environment.

Upcoming Group Coaching Series:
Thriving with ADHD

My next Group Coaching Series is designed for adults recently diagnosed with ADHD, those waiting for an assessment, or individuals who have a loved one with an ADHD diagnosis. 

The next ‘Thriving with ADHD’ Group Coaching Series will begin in February 2024.

6 weeks of one 75 minute online session per week. Please see FAQ’s for more information.

Learn how to embrace your ADHD, learn about your own character strengths and how they can enhance your personal and professional life. All sessions come with worksheets and resources that you can continue to refer to past the 6 weeks of coaching.

I can’t wait to help you embrace your true self and discover all the ways that an ADHD diagnosis can help you reach your full potential. 

Joining the February 2024 Group Coaching Waitlist will give you the chance to access our Early Bird pricing.



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