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Thriving with ADHD

A 6-Week Small Group Coaching program to help you not just survive with ADHD but to learn strategies and tools to THRIVE in life.

Learn how to embrace your ADHD, explore your unique strengths and discover evidence based strategies to improve your executive functioning.  

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This program is designed for adults who are keen to understand more about their ADHD wired brain.

Maybe you have received an adult ADHD diagnosis.  

Or maybe you want to learn more about your child's neurodivergence.

Or....maybe you are searching for the missing piece to your life's puzzle. 

Wherever you are on your ADHD journey, "Thriving with ADHD" just may be the place for you to visit, and become part of a neuroaffirming, like-minded community. 

The next ‘Thriving with ADHD’ Group Coaching Series is coming soon.

6 weeks of one 75-minute online session per week. 

All sessions come with worksheets and resources that you can continue to refer to past the 6 week series.

I only accept 8 participants per round. The waitlist will be the first to hear when enrolments open so pop your details in below to make sure you get a spot in the next round.