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1:1 ADHD Coaching

I hope to empower individuals and families throughout my coaching process.  Together, we explore your strengths, navigate life's challenges, and begin the journey towards realising your big hopes and dreams.

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ADHD coaching is a client-centered process that recognizes the unique strengths and needs of individuals with ADHD. By providing personalised guidance and support, I hope to empower individuals to navigate challenges, optimise their functioning, and achieve their full potential.

My individual coaching is offered to individuals with ADHD, both adults andstudents in addition to parents and care-givers of those with ADHD.


The primary focus of ADHD coaching includes:

Goal Setting

Collaboratively establishing clear and realistic goals that align with your values, aspirations, and areas of improvement. These goals can encompass various aspects of life, such as academic or professional performance, time management, organisation, and personal relationships.

Skill Development

Identifying and addressing specific executive functioning deficits commonly associated with ADHD, such as time management, planning, prioritisation, task initiation, sustained attention, organisation, and emotional regulation. I will teach practical techniques and strategies to improve those skills.

Personalised Strategies

I will tailor techniques to the unique strengths, challenges, and preferences of you or the individual with ADHD. This may include developing routines, implementing organisational systems, utilising technology tools, employing mindfulness practices, and managing impulsivity.

Accountability and Progress Monitoring

Establishing a supportive and structured framework to track progress towards the defined goals. Regular check-ins, feedback, and ongoing encouragement will help maintain motivation, address obstacles, and make necessary adjustments to your plan.

Education and Psychoeducation

Providing information and education about ADHD, including its symptoms, neurobiology, and impact on daily functioning. This helps you develop a deeper understanding of your condition, reduce self-stigma, and enhance self-advocacy skills.

Emotional Support

Offering a safe and non-judgmental space for you to express your emotions, frustrations, and challenges related to ADHD. I will provide validation, empathy, and encouragement while helping clients develop resilience, self-acceptance, and coping strategies.

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